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Certification of a home build aircraft in France

DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) considers the aircraft that I build as a construction from the plans / lot material, even if it is well prepared by the manufacturer. The certification scheme is referred CNRA (restricted certificate of airworthiness of aircraft). Certification is initiated by the creation of a file submitted to the OSAC (Organization for the Safety of Civil Aviation). CNRA prohibits the receipt of entire parts preassembled kit if the manufacturer does not perform at least 50% of the construction of the aircraft. OSAC just do 3 inspections instead of construction:   – Inspect the wing spars (for approval aerobatics)   – Inspect the wings just before their closures   – Inspect the aircraft when it is finished, to allow flight testing, just before the final certification. Then, the technical inspection is done every 3 years for builders who built their plane (all other years).