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flying-rv7.comFrom the idea…in 2013

From the idea…in 2013

For several months , a question has no answer : How can I learn more about the practice of aviation , technical , certification , flying more often, less expensive, … ?
  •     Buy an aircraft that already fly ?
Idea quickly abandoned , overpriced and the spirit of the reflection was not there.
  •     Restore a plane (Ex : Piper Cub )
Too risky in Finance and certification needs lots of space, too complicated as a first step … yet seriously considered in the first instance . Various discussions ( DGAC, GSAC , workshops aero maintenance) were definitely kill this option … always in my mind …
  •     Build my self a plane
Everything is there: Extend skills, learning new techniques, making implementation choices , flying more often, less expensive, well know his machine (safety element) , and then expand network. From there: RSA gatherings , La Ferte -Alais , various contacts with homebuilders around the world , visiting construction underway in individual garages , flights manned aircraft in their constructor , associations , and internet have become a mine of information ! I presented my thoughts to my wife, who as usual , told me , go ! So I went in stages:
  • Step 1 : Testing my ability to understand the mechanism ( crucial point !)
Buying a car without electronics with a very detailed maintenance plan. I do all the maintenance and replacement of wear parts : I do not see any problems , I begin to be strict on the types of oils, torque bolts , methods of anti- corrosion treatment .. . Conclusion: 2 years and the car still running and every day : Successful Test!
  • Step 2: The Project