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flying-rv7.comFrom the idea…to the project

From the idea…to the project

For several months , a question has no answer : How can I learn more about the practice of aviation , technical , certification , flying more often, less expensive, … ?

  • Buy an aircraft that already fly ?
  • Idea quickly abandoned , overpriced and the spirit of the reflection was not there.

  • Restore a plane (Ex : Piper Cub )
  • Too risky in Finance and certification needs lots of space, too complicated as a first step … yet seriously considered in the first instance . Various discussions ( DGAC, GSAC , workshops aero maintenance) were definitely kill this option … always in my mind …

  • Build my self a plane
  • Everything is there: Extend skills, learning new techniques, making implementation choices , flying more often, less expensive, well know his machine (safety element) , and then expand network.
    From there: RSA gatherings , La Ferte -Alais , various contacts with homebuilders around the world , visiting construction underway in individual garages , flights manned aircraft in their constructor , associations , and internet have become a mine of information !

    I presented my thoughts to my wife, who as usual , told me , go !
    So I went in stages:

  • Step 1 : Testing my ability to understand the mechanism ( crucial point !)
  • Buying a car without electronics with a very detailed maintenance plan. I do all the maintenance and replacement of wear parts : I do not see any problems , I begin to be strict on the types of oils, torque bolts , methods of anti- corrosion treatment .. . Conclusion: 2 years and the car still running and every day : Successful Test!

  • Step 2: The Project
  • At the end of step 1, a number of choices are necessary. Method used to refine: Open all windows and closing slowly.

  • Structure of the airplane: wood ? composite ? metal ?
  • => It will be metal, wood, although nice to work, I did not like. The composite, what do you know a little, and I know nothing.

  • Build from plan? Kit?
  • => It will be a Kit, in fact, I still do not feel the wall to make a plane from a plan and a pile of sheets.

  • How many places ?
  • Having a large family, a 4-seater plane is ideal, but after doing a cost study, I quickly abandoned this option. => It will be a 2-seater plane.
    2 seats side by side, I consider this option more enjoyable for passengers uninitiated.

  • A plane for what ?
  • To travel far and fast, maneuverable, capable of taking off and landing on short distances (open to future projects). Anticipating want to spend the first cycle stunt, the need for an aircraft designed for these figures is essential.