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The building

You will find in this page the main facts back in the building log on many subjects on which I asked . Riveting For beginners like me : hold the pneumatic squeezer well perpendicular to the longeron, rivets will be even more rights. The principle is : having to remove the least amount of rivets ! Each of these operations can dammage the hole of the part … so better to take 3 minutes to rivet rather than waiting three weeks the damaged part … The round-headed rivet may be put on the two sides of the workpiece . I started to put those rivets heads toward the reinforcement bar and thus crush the rivet on the side of the thinnest part. Having asked Manu (Happy builder of a RV- 7) , he told me that the rivet heads always put the most fragile side for obvious reasons of strength. So I left the rivets in place on the first length ( the “bad” side) and put the rivets on the right side on the second length . No importance , but it is a question of aviation construction standards. A principle to remember for the rest of the construction. Rivet gun 3x pressure used