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Assembly of spars and skin

Once assembled with the spars and ribs with clecos, the structure is placed on the skin (HS-601PP).
The assembly is fixed using clecos to perform the following operations described in the construction manual .
The HS-405 rib must be positioned at the edge of the skin to fix it in the rear spar (drilling 2 holes), right side of the photo above. Then the HS-405 rib is dilled in the center of the flanges to joint the upper and lower part of the skin.
Connect the HS-405 rib to the front spar (with HS-702, HS-710, HS-404, HS-715) is the most complicated part of the horizontal stabilizer. The holes do not exist, although drawings and dimensions are very clear, I wondered if at least 30 times when drilling in the place of blue dots, I was fine where I wanted to fall on the other side. .. especially if the minimum dimensions of the holes with the edges would be respected …
Here, the HS-405 is drilled and attached to the skin with clecos; the front spar is drilled with skin (clecos) 2 sides.

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