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Front spare

The front spar, as the rear spar, has 2 reinforcement bars, the ends have to be rounded. The track of rounding is made with a drill bit size 1/4 : The work of these rounding is done simply by inserting the file reinforcement bars in a vice between two pieces of wood to avoid scratching the aluminum. And here is the result : Then you have to bend the bars at 6 ° to meet the geometry of the horizontal stabilizer. These bends are made with the vice, the reinforcement bars are firmly wedged between two pieces of wood to fit the angle of bending (not folding right angle!). Keeping it slow, once the angle of 6 ° reached, I checked with a simple sheet where an angle of 6 ° is plotted. And most importantly, never unfold: the insured creek ! Then I cut the HS-702 to the RV-7 size as they are made for RV-8. Banding 6° the 2 HS-702 on the right side. The front center ribs are then cut according to plan. I first used the cutter then very quickly, I switched to manual metal saw, more convenient to use on small cuts. Then step deburring, fluting ribs, sanding small strokes due to machining and handling of parts. Assembling the skeleton (spar + ribs) drilling holes in the right diameter (always pneumatic drill), deburring holes.

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