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Preparation of skeleton and skins before priming

Goal: Prevent cracks related to repeated vibrations during all phases of flight (taxiing , flying, landing , aerobatics). Each part of the skeleton of the horizontal stabilizer is inspected : – Scratches are polished with sandpaper (weight 400) – Each hole is trimmed using a specific tool in the beginning, then I used a drill bit = > Easier and good results,
– The edges are filed down (to remove traces related to the manufacturing process) and sandpapered
– The corners are rounded, – Where necessary, each hole is dimpled (so that the rivet is flush with the skin) : With the pneumatic squeezer for parts of the skeleton
With the C-Frame for the skins
With manual riveter for holes near the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer
This process is quite long and tedious but absolutely necessary for the longevity of the aircraft. Now, all parts of the horizontal stabilizer are prepared for the priming process ( Diatex ) .

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